jB Meier _

jB Meier was born in 1960 in Grenoble, France. Having completed classical percussion studies at the Academy of Geneva, he pursues his work in the US with Joe Porcaro (US), Alex Acuña (Peru) and Luis Conte (Cuba) to develop his experience on the drums and explore the world of Latin percussion.

During frequent trips to South America and Cuba
in particular, jB joins local musicians and perfects his skills with such percussionists as Jose-Luis "Changuito" Quintana, Mario "Aspirina" Jauregui, Calixto Oviedo and Andre Chacon.

In parallel with his fascination for acoustic music, he pursues an interest in musical treatment by computer, collaborating as musician-programmer with the Centre d'Exploration Musicale (Geneva). His knowledge and eclecticism widen further through his many performances with symphony orchestras, as well as with contemporary sets (Latin, jazz, rock'n'roll, etc...).

Currently working with
l'École Atelier Rudra Béjart in Lausanne as professor of rhythm, jB also collaborates with Caroline Carlson (the USA), Larrio Ekson (the USA), Denise Jefferson (the USA), Malou Airaudo (France), Christel Wallin (Sweden), Harris Mandafounis (Greece), Douglas Nielsen (the USA), Clay Taliaffero (the USA) and Samuel Wuersten (Switzerland).

Always keen for travel and new discoveries, he continues to deepen his knowledge through regular trips to Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Cuba and the Antilles.

His other collaborations include :

..Gil Roman
..2011 creation of ” Là où sont les Oiseaux
..2010 creation of ” Syncope
..2008 creation of ” Aria
..Julio Arozarena
..2006 creation of ” M... comme Mozart “
..2005 creation of ” Ombelle “
..2004 creation of ” l'Air de Rien “
..2003 creation of ” Ven Por Aqu i “
..Maurice Béjart
..2005 creation of ” Zarathoustra
2004 creation of ” Voilla l'Homme “
2001 re-creation of ” Le Teck
..Théâtre Am Stram Gram
..2000 ” La Tragédie de la libertée
1999 ” La Belle et la Bête
1998 ” Le Pont de Pierre
..from 1999, percussionnist.
..Patrice MoulletAlpes
..from 1998, drummer, percussionist and aid
..of news instruments concept.
..Michel Moglia
..1998 with ” l'Orgue à Feu “ creation.
..Rudra Béjart
..from 1997, rhythm teacher and
..corporal expression rhythm.
..CEM / Alcoreo
..from 1995, programmer and percussionnist.
..from 1994, director artistic and technician.
..100% Acrylique
..from 1993, drummer and percussionist.
..Orchestre de la Suisse Romande
..between 1989 and 1993, percussionist.